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Gosmic Designs is a graphic design and web development company based in Gauteng. The beauty about our online business, is that we can do work anywhere in South Africa. We help create visually stunning, inspiring and effective artwork - Moving your customers into action!

Today, South African businesses and individuals are competing for potential customers therefore it is important to have a Corporate ID and website that is professionally executed and maintained on a monthly basis - MAKE YOUR BUSINESS STAND OUT BY ESCAPING THE ORDINARY WITH US!

Create with us?

“No matter what the project, our group of qualified designers and web developers approach each goal with experience, passion and perfection!”

Gosmic Designs treats every client as part of the family. No matter the challenge, Gosmic Designs team approaches each goal with experience & passion!

We will approach each project as a team, we’ll push that creative limit and celebrate our victories. Gosmic Designs provide great service that fits any budget. Tell us your budget and we can work it out. We have great customer service and response time, we have a great turnaround time and an honest approach to all of our projects.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your hard work this year.
Chris BentleyJust Pure Savvy 2016